For Love or Honour Chapter 5: A Fork In The Road


Alone, he traversed the kingdoms - no man’s servant, answering to none but himself. Then a twist of fate entwined his life with hers. And for her, he would give up everything. Just to be near her… (Camelot/Knight Killian AU)

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Walking ahead, he kept his pace slow but steady. The lady had suffered a little in her tumble and he couldn’t help but notice she was lacking one shoe. He picked their path carefully, avoiding the worst of the mud and tangled branches; still she made the occasional muffled curse. Part of him wanted to ask her if she wished to be carried, but his knowledge of her from their brief acquaintance told him she would most likely balk at the idea.

The two walked in silence. Although a few steps behind him, he felt her presence as surely as if she were in his line of sight. The light sound of her breathing and the quick movements of her feet were clearly audible in the quiet of the forest. He presumed the battle must be over already. While they were some distance from the road yet, the sound of sword fighting carried easily in still air and yet all was calm.

The sound of rustling disturbed him from his thoughts. His hand darted to his sword and he held his breath as he turned back - instinctively reaching out for her arm to pull her to his side. A heavy sigh of relief escaped his lips as he saw his horse ambling through the trees towards them.

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